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Change the course of YOUR life—imagine your fondest dreams—dare to aspire higher—use methods for activating your inner powers to realize your dreams and aspirations

Your Path in Life
 What path does your story take you on, as your future unfolds?

Everyone has been on a path. And sometimes we need a new one going forward. Offered to people in the Seattle area, and anywhere else by phone or video-conference, Life Coaching is a process for making career changes so that they are ultimately satisfying, rewarding and fulfilling. You learn how destiny, fate and the idea of a life journey can be combined in a coaching process that leads you to be the conscious designer of YOUR life to fulfill YOUR sense of fate and to live YOUR aspirations.

Key to each person's worldview is a timeline and a story—a life story. The central character in our life story is the self. You. But the particular story you've been living, the way you remember your past, the very goals you seek and the unsolved problems you struggle with, may be real and relevant only as part of your life story up to now. You can author a new story for your life. Here's why:

At some time in a person's life, external circumstances or inner stirrings call for change. Those who care to understand how their lifestyle emerged from early experiences can examine and analyze their story in light of current problems, current goals, your stage in your life journey, and the circumstances in the real world.

This process of Life Coaching provides you as a client a way of engaging in-depth introspection. Based on the methods of depth psychology, and the latest insights into how people structure their life stories, this process helps you gain a perspective on the very story that forms your goals, defines what is and is not a problem, and informs your important decisions. Such a view allows you a perspective from outside your own story. From the “wisdom of outsight” you may choose to create a new narrative that defines your new goals, informs your new plans, and generates your fulfillment in the next stage of your life. From this exercise, you clarify the larger framework for your life journey: your destiny.

"What is the unique contribution for you to make, such that you would be pursuing your interests, applying your skills and knowledge, and offering to solve problems of others in the real world?"

Through an analysis of daydreams and night-dreams; long, nearly forgotten aspirations, and current circumstances—and especially your most intense, heart-felt desires—this process helps you to unfold a new plan that represents the fulfillment of your destiny in life. You'll experience a process of reevaluating your values in light of outer and inner callings for going into a new direction.

The process involves not only a series of in-depth, guided, structured discussions, but also the reading of key books. For example, the book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a classic, popular book that addresses the issue of personal destiny through a simple and entertaining novel.

Here is the question this service is designed to address:

What is the unique contribution for you to make, such that you would be pursuing your interests, applying your skills and knowledge, and offering to solve problems of others in the real world?

Imagine the intersection of three areas: your interests; your knowledge and skills; and unsolved problems in the world. Consider where they intersect. Imagine what activities lie within that intersection. That is part of the process for answering the question of how to find your unique contribution—your mission.

In answering this question, you may develop a new vision of your future, and potential new means for fulfilling your values and those of others with whom you would work and for whom you would serve.

What is at stake is the rest of your life—how you envision your future; how you strive for that future; and how to achieve it. My Life Coaching process provides a means to do that through re-examining your life story up to now, and revising it according to your own values, dreams and realistic aspirations.




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