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Seattle Divorce Coaching and Collaborative Law

Divorce too often harms children, as well as each member of the couple. Divorce coaching provides you a divorce process to protect your childrens’ future through effective co-parenting

I offer two approaches to divorce coaching—couple divorce coaching and the collaborative law divorce process.

One approach is to work with one or both members of the couple myself to help guide the process for the benefit of each member of the couple, and other family members, especially children.

Another approach is to use the collaborative law process. In that case, I work as one member of a team, either as a mental health coach or a child specialist. Other members of the team include other mental health coaches, attorneys with special training in collaborative law, and sometimes a financial specialist.

Both of these approaches are quite different from either marriage counseling or marriage mediation in that, in the case of divorce coaching, the decision to divorce has already been made. If you are having trouble or conflicts in your marriage, and you want help, even if you are considering divorce, the process that I recommend would be either marriage and family counseling or mediation. I offer both of those services in my drop down menu under Personal Change Services.

Seattle Divorce Coaching

In divorce coaching, in most often involves a combination of mediation for making decisions about property, assets and children, and coaching for bringing out your best behavior and best emotions in what can often be a troubling and contentious process. Most often I work with both individuals. Sometimes I work with only one member of the couple.

Seattle Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a process of ending a marriage that focuses on maintaining positive, healthy, long-term relationships for all concerned, especially children. It does this by assembling a diverse team of specialists who apply needed skills to the process of turning a potentially contentious, stressful divorce with irreparable damage done to relationships of many family members, into a healthy process of redefining and renegotiation roles towards other-than-marriage bonds. These bonds include co-parenting, as well as, sometimes, friendship.

Collaborative law teams can include the following professional collaborative law specialists: attorneys, child specialists, financial specialists, and mental health coach specialists.

Husbands and wives contemplating a divorce can pursue collaborative through contacting any of these specialists to start the process.

The key advantages of collaborative law approaches to divorce include these:

Going Forward Towards a Healthy Divorce

Too often, traditional, non-collaborative divorce causes unnecessary pain. This pain comes from a purely adversarial process frequently ignores the future, especially for the emotional continuity needed for children to be happy.

Most divorcing couples, when they get to the essence of their long-term goals, want their children to experience cooperative co-parents and key family events such as weddings and graduations, as well as for holiday celebrations.

To find out more about my divorce coaching and/or collaborative law service for redefining your marriage in a positive, healthy manner, give me a call, send an email. That way I can provide more information or schedule a free consultation.






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